saila tykkyläinenlinkedinImpact Business aims to leave a positive mark through developing and applying methods of impact evaluation. Juuso Repo and Saila Tykkyläinen form the Impact Business team. They spar and train various organisations, from authorities to companies, to produce, verify and communicate on their impacts. Saila also works as a junior researcher at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, where she is writing her doctoral thesis on social enterprises and their growth strategies and models.

”Helping organisations and companies to root impact evaluation as part of their routines is a source of inspiration to us. we want actions with an impact to be turned into competitive advantages, better services and touching communications. You can only be a forerunner through trial and by learning from the errors, so get your hands soiled and start growing good deeds!”

If you need help in understanding, modeling and verifying your social impacts, contact us.