We have helped over a hundred NGOs, companies and public sector operators in growing the impact of their activities. Impact Business services, ranging from lectures, sparring and trainings all the way to impact assessments, draw from this experience. We have been fortunate to be collaborating with the tops of many professions!

The aim is to transform actions that benefit society, people and environment into success factors: improved services, influential marketing, communications as well as sales and funding arguments.


We offer compact, illustrative and concrete lectures on impact and how to maximize and assess it as well as on social enterprise activities.

Popular topics include the ABC of impact assessment, the assessment methods and impact measurement. Topics and perspectives can be selected according to the clients’ needs and the public.


We have sparred NGOs and enterprises e.g. in building impact models and their variations, taking the impact chain concept through the whole organisation, planning instrumentation, and in the methods of improving assessment. Sparring can also be useful, if getting started is giving you scruples or if defining objectives feels tricky.

Price €150 (+ VAT 24%) / hour.


The objective of the trainings is to facilitate the integration of social impact assessment as part of the everyday life of an organisation. Most of the online courses and other trainings are in Finnish, but you can ask for tailored trainings in English.

Impact assessment

At times, it may be useful to have the impact assessment conducted by an outsider. The aim may be to meet investors’ requirements, to prepare for outcome-based tendering processes, to grow the impact of services, or something else entirely.

Make an appointment for a free meeting to survey how the impact of your organisation could be verified.