Tool for impact evaluation

How can the impact and social significance of one’s activities be evaluated? What does the impact consist of? The Social Impact Evaluation canvas helps to find answers to these questions, make impacts visible and develop one’s activities.

In impact evaluation trainings and in sparring I have been constantly faced with the same agony: where to start unravelling things, and what to do next? It seems apparently difficult to identify the phases of the process.

To relieve this agony I started to put together a canvas tool that would guide you through the most important phases and critical points of evaluation. The canvas has been tested with several businesses and NGOs over the spring in three different accelerators; the Impact Accelerator of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Vertical for health technology start-ups and xEDU that focuses on education technology.

Here is the result:

Within the canvas, both the template that can be filled out electronically and the version with instructions can be downloaded for free.

Download the canvas here.

I hope that the canvas will help companies that make an impact, organisations that do good and brave public actors to set the impact assessment process in motion. I will be happy to receive feedback on the canvas and the tutorial. There is always room for improvement.

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